How to Build a Home Office and Succeed in Business

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A home-based business needs your focus to succeed, and you’ll be able to give it more of your undivided attention when you have a dedicated space where you can work uninterrupted. A home office is arguably a business must-have. Here are the ways you can build and design your own workspace at home and, by extension, ensure your business’ success.


Choosing the Perfect Space

Creating the home office you need starts with your choice of space. Ideally, you want to choose an area that is closed off from the rest of the house so privacy is guaranteed. You also want to choose a quiet area, especially if you need silence to concentrate or spend time on calls and meetings. If you also need ample square footage if you have equipment and/or inventory, a garage could be the perfect location. However, you may need to make some adaptations so it’s suitable for office space. For example, if your garage floor is chipped or if you’d like to prevent future damage, coating it with epoxy could give it long-lasting protection. Water-based epoxy is a cheaper substitute, but pure solid epoxy is stronger and more durable.


However, it’s also possible you won’t be able to tick all these boxes—and that is okay. You can still build your home workspace even if you live small. You can maximize the floor space you have available by using existing furniture (e.g., bedside table as a work surface) or choosing pieces that serve a dual purpose like a bookshelf that doubles as a computer desk and/or functional storage. Yes, you’ll need to get creative, and it can’t hurt to look at some stylish ideas.


If your current home is too small and you have the financial means, moving into a larger home to accommodate your business needs is also an option. Working with a skilled and dedicated realtor can make all the difference when finding the right home, so make sure you reach out to Kelly Clarke for expert real estate advice and service.


Your Setup for Success


Your home office will only be as useful and functional as what you’ve got in it. It’s smart to have a checklist—not just of the essentials, but also of what you actually need to efficiently run your business.


Right at the top of the list is your computer/laptop or a tablet. As your main workhorse, this is tech that can single-handedly ensure your efficiency (or lack thereof). If its performance is not up to par with your needs, it may be high time to invest in a newer model.


You can do the same with other equipment, furniture, supplies, etc. that your business needs, as well. Simply doing your research will guarantee that you find the items that will serve you best. For instance, these days there are health concerns associated with desk-bound work, so you might find a standing desk to be more appropriate for your home office.


Hit the Ground Running


Your home office is a huge step toward growing your business, but there are also other aspects you don’t want to overlook. Case in point, you want to give your business setup some thought. In most cases, registering as an LLC is wise for the tax advantages, limited liability, flexibility, and the like. Again, practice due diligence so you know your state’s guidelines. You can even save on lawyer’s fees by registering it yourself or using a formation service.


Finally, it’s important to take measures to get the word out about your business. For instance, marketing your business both online and off is something you’ll want to both learn and practice, as well, so it’s well worth the effort.


Ultimately, business success only happens with action. Building a home office to support it is a significant first step in that direction. Your bottom line will thank you!


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